DC-DC converters are the ideal solution for providing dual voltage capability in new systems – or upgrades to existing DC plants for a variety of applications.

Modular 24V-48V and 48V-24V converters meet the needs of wireless carriers that are transitioning radio technologies. Alpha’s DC power solutions include the ability to incorporate Cordex converters into the same system. For existing sites with established DC power plants, the Alpha converters can be configured into a stand-alone shelf for powering the electronic equipment. Whether supporting legacy cellular equipment or enhancing a network with advanced radio overlays, Alpha Cordex converters provide flexibility that allow you to maintain a single voltage battery system.
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The CDC1024TP is the perfect module to build up highly reliable multi-output energy systems for industrial and utility applications. This unique product is designed to work with a wide DC input range, enabling to meet many installation requirements and making spare parts management easier. Available in 19" shelf configurations of 6 x 1000W modules.

The units are perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and offer many features to improve monitoring and control. Beyond the traditional voltage programming and fault control, the unit is equipped with a smart derating of the power in regard to internal temperature. Signals include thermal shutdown, input range detection, over-voltage and module missing - and offer great flexibility of system configuration

  • Input Voltage: 80 to 300Vdc
  • Power factor: 1
  • Input Current: 5.5A typical @ 220VDC, 12A typical @ 80Vdc
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Output voltage: 20 to 29Vdc
  • Output power: 1000W @ 220Vdc input, 700W @ 110Vdc input
  • Output current:37A @ high DC input, 26A @ low DC input