ABP Trident Series
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The ABP Trident Series smart chargers have been designed for charging all types of lead batteries used in general purpose applications, as well as those used in mobile or marine applications. ABP Trident can also be used as independent power source, with no battery attached.


Using advanced charging algorithms, ABP Trident will keep your batteries in good health and increase their life expectancy.


Available models: 12V: 12A, 25A, 40A. 24V: 12A, 20A

  • Microprocessor controlled charging in 6 stages
  • Selectable battery type: AGM, Gel, Flooded, Automotive
  • Temperature compensated charging
  • Automatic cyclical charging
  • Marine features: High ambient temperature rated, surge protection, PCB coating, galvanic isolation, silent fan
  • Optional remote controller with large LCD display allows remote monitoring and setting of all parameters