Sulfation (build-up of lead sulfate on the battery plates) is the number one cause of early failure of lead-acid batteries. Most frequent causes of sulfation include long times between charges, undercharging, incorrect charging, low electrolyte level. It is a natural phenomenon that is present in a certain degree in all lead-acid batteries. Typical symptoms of excessive sulfation are loss of power, longer charging times, shorter running times between charges, heat build-up during charge.


Depending on how the battery is maintained, sooner or later the sulfation will take over and render the battery unusable. It is however possible to restore partially a sulfated battery by desulfating it (reversing the sulfation process). Several companies offer anti-sulfation devices that apply pulses to the battery terminals to reverse sulfation. Such technologies tend to lower sulfation on a healthy battery but they cannot effectively reverse the condition once present. This is not the case with the solution below.

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SRS is a patented organic polymer, invented and produced in Japan. SRS is the world's first successfully developed additive for prolongation of lead battery life. Its performance has been proved by over 2000 verification tests made by independent labs and companies like Mitsubishi, Toyota. Because of its properties, SRS was awarded in 2000 the Japanese equivalent of the Nobel prize.


Added to a lead-acid battery, SRS adheres immediately to the plates, forming a protective coating that removes and dissolves the lead sulfate from the electrodes. The coating is also preventing newly generated lead sulfate crystals to deposit, extending the life of the battery. A new battery treated with SRS will at least double its life. SRS addition to an used sulfated battery will make it quickly recover to more than 90% of the original capacity and add 1-3 years to its life, depending on how it's maintained.





  • Highly effective for restoring sulfated batteries
  • Doubles the life of new batteries
  • Works on all types of lead-acid batteries: Flooded, AGM, Gel
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-inflammable
  • Soluble in water